Episode 2 :The forgotten baggage

Contd from Episode 1 The thought of missing the only stop she knew by name shivered her to the spine. Not knowing what to say in that panic situation she calmed her down and finally broke the silence. She: bhaiya, bus roko mujhe utarna hai... aage nahi jana hai mujhe. (Please stop the bus, I [...]

Episode 1 : The lost wayfarer

A new city was calling, a new life awaiting. The weary nomad packed her bags once again and set out for a new voyage, a voyage of life and love. She was clumsy, quirky, careless yet confident. There was no stone strong enough to break her or a storm to shake her. Traveling alone was [...]

Holi – The festival of colours.

  Yet another festival brings its glory and this time it was Holi… Holi is the festival of colours; colours that symbolize love, gratitude and a sigh of forgiveness. I feel utmost lucky to be born in India and experience the rich and diverse festive and cultural celebrations. In today’s era of connectivity via disconnections, [...]

Difference between Maharashtra state Board and CBSE board?

Introduction The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education is a statutory autonomous body established under the Maharashtra Secondary Boards Act 1965. It came into existence on January 1, 1966. The CBSE was given its present name ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’s in the year 1952. Syllabus The syllabus of State board mostly revolves around the [...]