Love or dandruff



Your love was like a scalp full of dandruff

Itchy, scaly and full of bluff

I lived a lie of better tomorrow

But all I got was tears and sorrow.


I gave roof, I gave love

To a selfish yeast wanting to shove

I was naïve, I was patient

But you robbed me of my innocence.


Today my heart lies scattered all over

Just like my dead hair lying forever

It pains me to think of the gone days

When I believed in the tale of the fays


That’s not all that’s not enough

You put the blame on me just like dandruff

You say I dint care, I made mistakes

You broke my heart into little flakes.


But I got strong and flushed you out

Just what Dandrall does to the dandruff

It was a new day, new life

But this time I knew how to thrive…


Back after so long…

Will be waiting for your feedbacks…

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