Episode 3: Intuitions

When everything turns dark, light finds a way to seep in.

Missed the previous episodes. You can read it here.


As she stood in despair, the world around her seemed to hasten. The busy bees hoped to reach their abodes. An eye drop parted from her dark grey eyes rolling through her cheeks and drenched her parched lips. She could hardly imagine her undone career, hopes and dreams all went ahead wrapped in a bag without even saying her a goodbye.

Worrying is just inviting problems and that statement proved its metal. She hated the city and the city obediently reciprocated her feelings.

The only good thing at that moment was her fully charged phone. She looked at her screen and hoping for some magic dialed her friend again.

The phone rang loud and so did her heart beat.

Friend: Did you get the cab?

She: No.

Friend: ok. I am coming. It will take another 15 minutes.

She: that’s fine. I will wait.

She hang up wandering about her friend’s reaction and maybe she should disclose the mishap in some beautifully framed sentences, as she always thought beauty defies all.

After that each minute turned into 60 seconds and each second seemed more like a thousand milliseconds. All she could think about was her bag traveling through the unknown lanes all alone. Her phone rang again, it was her mom this time. Mothers’ always get an intuition when her child is drowning in deep shit. Not answering the phone was the best possible option for the 21 year independent girl who decides to deal with shit all by herself.

Finally, the decade passed by and her friend arrived donning a pink t-shirt paired with jeans with her hair open. She looked amazing just like an angel from her bedtime stories.

She: Thank God you came. I could have died a thousand deaths.

Friend: hmm. You missed the station and could not even manage to grab a cab. Isn’t that superb? Ok now lets move Powai is quite far and it would take some time to reach there.

She: Wait! I have something to tell you.

Friend: Keep walking and continue talking babes.

She: Ok if you insist. I left my bag on the bus.

Both of them halted and a moment of silence was interrupted by

Friend: What?

She: Yes, I got so nervous and panicky that I forgot to take my bag and now it’s gone with the bus.

Friend: How can someone forget their luggage? Are you nuts?. 

She: Is there a way to get it back. I have all my certificates there.

Friend: I am just getting some serious panic attacks now. Is there any other shock you want to reveal.

She: No. That’s all. How can we get it back?

Friend: I don’t know. These are not among my daily chores. Ok, do you know the last stop of the Bus?

She: Yes it was dadar.

Friend: ok let me call dadar bus stand and check if something can be done.

She: ok.

As her friend continued talking over the phone she stood there analyzing her day. A little smile sparkled her face as she thought of the incidences. This smile was a reflection of her positive intuitions that she always got during mishaps. It was like God’s acknowledgement saying ” Don’t worry child, I am working on it”.


Her friend turned towards her and was not so pleased to see her smiling.

Friend:(Angrily!) Do you know your seat number?

She: o god! I don’t remember.

Friend : Check your ticket idiot. Without the ticket they will not give you the luggage.

She: Shit. I don’t know if I have it or not. Let me check.

As the things in her hand were getting unmanaged she threw the water bottle in the dustbin. Opened her purse and started checking each and every compartment with a hope of getting that piece of paper.

By now she was sure she has thrown the ticket as always. With a broken heart, she checked her pants and a little crumbled piece of paper stuck her fingers.

She took it out and saw ticket Pune to Mumbai.

She hopped with joy and shouted, “I got it”. Her friend dialed the numbers again, gave the seat details and hung the phone.


Friend: The bus dint reach yet. My mom is in dadar. So, I have asked her to go and be at the station to collect the bag.

She: thanks dear. I knew my intuition could never go wrong.

Friend: Don’t be excited. We still haven’t got it. How can you look so sorted even when you are dipped in shit.

She: My gut feeling relieves all my tensions and they are never wrong.

A bit of chit chat and then they took an auto and headed to the train station.

Are intuitions always right? There are a thousand more possibilities of someone taking away the bag.

Let’s wait for the final episode.





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