Episode 1 : The lost wayfarer


A new city was calling, a new life awaiting.

The weary nomad packed her bags once again and set out for a new voyage, a voyage of life and love.

She was clumsy, quirky, careless yet confident. There was no stone strong enough to break her or a storm to shake her.

Traveling alone was not a new entry in the dictionary, but still she was not at ease this time. A perplexed  mind and a high beating heart accompanied the nomad. She was nervous about the city she was moving to, the city that was abode of the rich and the poor, the good and the bad.  Yes it was the dream city Mumbai calling her.

A small town girl, was worried about how the city was going to treat her.

Having stuffed her bags with all her belongings she left for the bus stand. Heavy heart of good byes and see you soon along with the uncertainty of the future walked along her way.

As she reached the bus stand, the bus was already standing there. A deep breathe could not clear her mind that day, she bought a bottle of water and put her luggage at the back of the bus.

Boarding the bus her eyes searched for a window seat and to her luck she got one. Adjusting her small purse and the unopened bottle of water she took the window seat. She crumbled the bus ticket that she bought for Rs. 150 but then tucked it in her pockets, thinking of keeping it as a sweet memory that could mark the beginning  of a new life. Even before the bus was filled and the journey could commence this weary traveler was engulfed by all the possibilities and impossibilities of the future.

She could hardly enjoy or cherish the beautiful highway or the natural scenes of the tall plateaus and hill. Her mind was constantly pondering on the how’s and what ifs …

The time passed by and they crossed multiple stops. Her destination was Khargar, but there was no information displayed or announced about the stops. So, she stood up from her seat, trembling and balancing herself in the moving bus and went to the bus conductor.

She: Bhaiya, Mujhe Khargar mein utarna hai. Stop aayega toh please batana.

(I want to get down at Khargar. Please inform me when we reach there.)

The conductor: Stared at her and said quite loud and clear. Madam Khargar  to gaya..

(you missed Khargar)

She could not believe her ears. The world stopped for a moment and all the words stuck in her throat.

She could hardly respond with a what..??

Coming up soon with episode 2 . stay tuned and please  let me know if you like it or have any suggestions .. that would mean a lot to me .

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