Difference between Maharashtra state Board and CBSE board?


The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education is a statutory autonomous body established under the Maharashtra Secondary Boards Act 1965. It came into existence on January 1, 1966.

The CBSE was given its present name ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’s in the year 1952.


The syllabus of State board mostly revolves around the state affairs, specially the language and literature subjects. As for history and geography the knowledge is limited to state borders.

The syllabus of CBSE is wide span. It not only covers the important details of all the states of India but also the knowledge flows beyond the borders.

Connectivity of Lessons

The syllabus pattern of state board loses connectivity and is not well formulated. The explanations and the patters are also lagging the flavor.

The connectivity of chapters in CBSE is well appreciable. It follows a systematic step wise pattern which makes learning easy and fun for the students.

Language Used

The language used in the SSC books is easy and understandable.

The language used in the CBSE books is easy and lucid. The language of the literature subjects is commendable.


There are some fun activities introduced in the school programme. The burden is comparatively low.

There are multiple activities and projects assigned to the students, making it difficult for them to adjust the schedule. Most of the activities are irrelevant to course and is completed by parents and tutors.

Global Presence

The CBSE affiliation is internationally accepted and has global presence with nearly 141 affiliated schools across 21 countries.

SSC board is limited to state boundaries and has no global presence.


Though the education basically depends on the individual and his interest but the school and syllabus also plays a key role in this.

And it won’t be wrong to state that as for today’s date, the standard of knowledge CBSE is offering is beyond the reach of state board scope.

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