Episode 2 :The forgotten baggage

Contd from Episode 1

The thought of missing the only stop she knew shivered her to the spine. Not knowing what to say in that panic situation she calmed her down and finally broke the silence.

She: bhaiya, bus roko mujhe utarna hai… aage nahi jana hai mujhe.

(Please stop the bus, I want to get down.)

The conductor: Madam bus kahi bhi nahi ruk sakta hai aagla stop Belapur hai aap udhar utar jana..

(Madam the bus cannot stop in the middle of a highway. You can get down at the next stop that’s Belapur.)

She tried hard to convince the conductor to let her get down but all in vain. One cannot mess with the traffic rules in a big city. A gulp of bitter taste for this city went down her throat. She was never a fan of the city life and the welcome just made her feelings stronger.

So the journey went on. This time her heart was literally popping out of the chest. Things already got messed up and the next day was a big day in her career. In fact, it was the beginning of her professional career with a call from a big IT company.

Wondering how to get things sorted and back under control she dialed the numbers on her phone. A cheerful voice answered the call

Friend: Hi.Kahan tak pohuchi ho behen?

(Where did you reach?)

She: hmm. I reached Mumbai but I got a tiny problem here.

Friend: hmm… expected, go on.

She: I missed the stop.

Friend: What ? B****d , were you sleeping on the way? How can you miss your stop?

She: I know I messed up the plan, but nobody announced the stops. And I din’t realize that we crossed it. You see it’s not entirely my fault.

Friend: Ha its never your fault **. What’s the next stop?

She: Belapur or something that sounds like it.

Friend: OK.  That’s a bit far from Khargar. But it’s ok. You get down there and try to grab a cab and take a ride to Khargar.

She: OK that sounds fine. I am still on track. Great will do it.

Hanged the phone.

For the next half an hour, all possible random but happy stuff flooded her mind. Finally, everything is sorted and she is so close to her destination.

But the city wanted to tickle and tease her a bit more for all the secret hatred she carried in her heart for the big cities, crowded and polluted.

Finally, the bus stopped; the conductor looked at her and said

Conductor: Madam stop aa gaya .. ab utar jao.

( we have reached the stop. Please get down now)

She hastily gathered her purse, the half-filled water bottle, the rest of the stuff and got down the bus without any chance of missing this stop. Stepping down the bus, she took a deep breath, a sigh of relief solaced the weary traveler.

As she stood there, in the middle of no where watching the bus fading away slowly from her vision. She looked around and it was an unending highway with no cabs nearby. The most obvious thought of asking someone about the nearest cab stand came to her mind.

In a city of millions she could not find one single person that day to give her directions. Nobody stops in the middle of a busy highway to give directions to a stranger. It was the rule, but being from a small town she was quite unaware of all these rules.

Suddenly a feeling of  lightness and freeness engulfed her. What was this emptiness about? Missing someone? Family or friends?

But when she realized the reason of this emptiness she so wished it was just missing someone.

She forgot to pick her huge baggage dumped at the back of the bus. The bags had all her belongings including the certificates, graduation credentials and the call letter.

And it took her almost 15 minutes to realize that she forgot to take off her baggage.

Is there a solution to this? Or has she lost it for good? Was this the end to a start of her career? 

Thank you for reading this guys. Will be coming up with episode 3 soon.

Hope you are enjoying this and please let me know your reviews through comments.

Take care.

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