Love or dandruff

  Your love was like a scalp full of dandruff Itchy, scaly and full of bluff I lived a lie of better tomorrow But all I got was tears and sorrow.   I gave roof, I gave love To a selfish yeast wanting to shove I was naïve, I was patient But you robbed me [...]

Happy New year 2017…

Let this be not just another year, just a new calendar... This new year allures a bunch of opportunities for you to chase your dreams. The coming 365 days will offer you all you ever wanted... plan for the things, make a small note of your planning, and start making small efforts towards reaching your [...]

Live your life.. a treat of positivity

Positivity ~ Its not just a word, its a way of living. Its my way of living. With your baggage filled by positive thoughts and right attitude you are ready to conquer the world! These words might seem too philosophical or dreamy but they aren't. I am presenting this to you, after wholesome of research [...]