The missed strategies to becoming rich


Don’t we all want to be wealthy and wealthier? I hope we all want or at least I want. So on my way to becoming a millionaire I keep discovering a zillion things and they amuse me a lot. Not because they are some rocket science but because they are so simple logical facts that everyone knows but only a few acknowledges.

Lately, I have been wondering a lot on how to increase productivity and how to climb up the ladder and keep increasing my net worth constantly. Here are the few things that blew my mind during these brain wrecking sessions.

1. By increasing your time.

What did you interpret out of this line? Does it mean spending more hours on your desk? No that’s not what I discovered.

See the logic goes as      Time = Money

Now if I have to increase my money I need to increase my time. But nature has its own laws it’s not going to be kind enough to bless me with 48 hours in a day. Also, even if I increase my work timings that too wouldn’t make much a difference to my pocket but would definitely take a toss on my heath and life.

So the way I found is to increase time by employing more and more resource that would work for you. Alone you have 24 hours but with your resources it get multiplied. Isn’t that amazing ? And everyone you are paying is working to make you rich.

2. By constantly attracting it

Now this secret has been unveiled time and again by many successful authors, leaders, players etc. The secret says that if you keep thinking about what you want than that thing is definitely making its way to reach you.

You don’t have to control the world just control your mind and everything else will be automatically controlled.

Now to the ones who learns about it for the first time they might feel it absurd at the beginning. How can this happen? That’s so easy and simple crap?

But my friend it’s not easy to control your mind but once your conquer it you are whatever you wish to be!

Now since we do so many things to become rich and successful what’s the harm in trying this. And trust me it works I get all that I dream of and it feels so powerful to be able to control the events going around you.

3. Never quit trying

I know this one is a bit cliché and no secret but could not avoid it because of it’s significance.

No matter whatever you are doing, believe that there is an ocean of opportunity lying thirsty for your talent. You just need to look forward and identify that opportunity. No matter if you sometime pick up the wrong ones, even they give you lessons that you can use for the right ones. Keep hunting for all those things that will take you close to your dream.

Thanks for reading this and do let me know whats your thoughts on this..







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