Live your life.. a treat of positivity

Positivity ~ Its not just a word, its a way of living. Its my way of living. With your baggage filled by positive thoughts and right attitude you are ready to conquer the world!

These words might seem too philosophical or dreamy but they aren’t. I am presenting this to you, after wholesome of research and analysis of lives of people, including mine.

Your journey on this planet is a short voyage my friend and its your responsibility to reap the best out of this journey. And if you are unable to achieve great heights in your life, then I am sure that you are pushing the stone in the wrong direction. Today, with so many exceptional success stories doing the rounds, I don’t need to tell you that anything is possible. Have faith in life and it will surprise you in mysterious ways.

Every person is god gifted , and today I urge you to spare some time pondering to unwind your thoughts. Don’t  try too hard or rush too fast, that you might not even notice the bigger opportunities lying your way. When we try too hard to flow in a predetermined direction we tend to turn bitter because that actually might not be the right path always. Spare sometime to unveil the greater purpose that your mere existence might serve.

Having a few break points in your career is actually not a bad thing at all. It gives you sometime to relax and look back at your achievements and to add clarity in your future goals.If you are not enjoying your work then don’t harass yourself for a few bucks. There are a million other noble ways to earn money, where you might start enjoying what you do. Keep trying different things in life only then you will be able to acknowledge your hidden talents. As they say, the depth of the pond cannot be judged from the safer banks. Similarly, you cannot presume your ability at things until and unless you try your hands on them. And finally when you hit the right chord,’Bang!’ you are on your way to success. Finding the correct path does take time and effort, walking on it does not.

With the new year ringing the bells, let your heart speak, add a little bit courage to your soul and do justice to your existence. When you start doing what you love, you will start loving everything about and around it.

If this piece of work is successful in inspiring even a single soul in distress then my purpose is served!

Do let me know about your thoughts or any issues you might be facing, my ears are all yours.

Thanks for visiting and reading this. 🙂

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