The art of Decision Making

Decision Making! Isn’t it a bit over rated?

They say taking the right decision is reaching halfway your goal. But how do anyone know what is the right decision?

In fact, decision making is something we have always been doing right from choosing our essentials to friends to career and everything. It is the most natural instinct that perhaps any man has.

Here is a quick snippet that I have summed up for my readers.

7 thoughts that makes decision making easy

  1. Take the decision and make it right.


         “Right decision” is quite a hypothetical word as we cannot claim its right or wrong until and unless the results are out. So, rather than pondering upon which way to take, go with your gut instinct, the flow , that spur of the moment and once the decision is taken work things up to prove it right.

                      Once the route is taken, don’t forget to walk.

  1. The consequences depends more on your hard work


Brilliant ideas, magnificent decisions, big dreams and all in vain until you put in your hard work. An ordinary idea implemented is way better than that brilliant idea on paper. No matter what you chose, embrace it with grace, make no regrets and give your 100%.


   3.  Don’t waste your time over thinking.

Over thinking killsdownload the creativity and rawness.

Rather than thinking what should I do and what I shouldn’t, try focusing on “how should I do it”. Your mind will start cultivating the ways to reach your goal.

  4. Choices are simple until you complicate them

     decide  Most of the time we know the answers to our worries. Our heart knows, where it belongs, and it is not afraid to scream out loud. Listen to your heart, it might sound risky or absurd but what’s life if no risks are taken. Let the adrenaline, rush through your body when you  be brave enough to go with the flow.


5. Take your own decisions

downloadMany a times we tend to ask our friends, parents or partners for their opinions. Mostly because we are perplexed with a thousand thoughts. This happens mainly because in the hues and cries of life we tend to disconnect from ourselves and so ask for suggestions from people who know us. Spend some lone time, get to know yourself and then decision making will just be another casual thing.

6. Mirror talk

decisionThis is the best way to take a decision. Stand in front of the mirror and ask the questions aloud, let your heart answer each question. By the end of that 5 min prep talk you will have your decision handy and mind firm.

7. Believe in yourself and trust your decisions

Once the decision is made never look back at the other options, make them vanish. Believe that you have made the best decision and work towards it. There are a thousand mind to doubt you but let not your mind be one of them.

Its your life and you are the only one who can decide the best. We always observe, scrutinize and judge others, do the same with yourself and you will understand yourself a lot better. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you know what’s good and what’s not.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on this.

Take care.

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