Time for Resolutions

The start of a new phase , a new year, a new time is always marked by the resolutions we make. Now, resolution is basically a promise made to self to accomplishing certain tasks. There is no limit to the number or area of your promises, right from health to success to following dreams it can be anything. Its your promise, design it as you wish, to shape up your life. Though its easy to make and break promises.. but real success is met by keeping your promises

As I have already mentioned the need for planning and resolutions in my earlier post. My resolutions are random,related to my profession and passion. They are silly, crazy and simple and I am sure many of you can relate to them.  Here I would go ahead straight sharing some of my resolutions with you.

  1. Traveling more


This has always been my hobby. As traveling not only refreshes you but also enriches your vision about so many things. As of now the places on my cards are Bali (Indonesia), Assam (India), Shillong (India), Bhutan, Goa (India), Delhi (India). A few more might come up as surprise trips on the way to 2018.

2. Spend quality time with my partner.


A good personal life ensures balance and encourages to achieve even the impossible. Spending quality time with your partner gives you the relaxations and breaks from monotony

        2.  Meditate And Exercise Daily


I started exercising from 2016 and it has definitely bestowed me with positive results (I reduced 3 inches), and meditation is something I have been doing from 2008. But none of them are done daily. So this year I will make sure at least 45 mins is strictly dedicated to both these activities together.

      3. Write regularly


There is so much we have in our heads and it feels so light when we speak them out loud. To connect with people that can relate to or delivering a much awaited solution through simple words is so fulfilling to the soul.

 4.  Determining and reaching the target for my institute


Since I run my own institute so I have some targets set for its standards. Increasing the team, implementing new techniques for my children, reaching a particular number of enrollments etc.

        5.Give a better life to my pets


This is something I really really want to do. They are the creatures that accepts me as I am and boosts my energy at every level. They look up to me even when no one else believes. My world consists of many things but to them I am the world.

          6. Work harder

work hard.jpg

I am a hard worker do not believe in short cuts.  as I solely believe that if not anything else, its hard work that will pay off. No matter how ignorant or how important my work is but I will strive to deliver the best.

  7. Conduct Seminars On learning and Positive Attitude

Though I sounds so much talked and known but there are many who are still ignorant about these basic values to live life. And in my quest if I can transform even one life I would be successful enough to get a good night sleep.

  8. Learn pottery and photography


Learning pottery has been sliding down the list for the past 3 years now. There are many factors behind its getting delayed but I would definitely accomplish it sooner or later. Photography is newly added to the list. After getting a zillion complaints about my bad photography skills I have finally decided to win over it.

Please share your resolutions for this year….

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