Tips for Healthy Living

Here, I present a few tips for a healthy mind and body..

  •  Think positive                                                   

the-power-of-subconcious-mind Nothing is more wonderful than weaving positive thoughts in the morning   lying in the bed with dreamy eyes … Study says, the morning and nights  are the best time to feed your mind with positive thoughts and wants. The book “power of subconscious mind” is perfect to illustrate this point.

“Mind is the garden where thoughts are the seeds”

 ·      Treat yourself

first-thing-in-the-morning After successfully accomplishing the toughest job of the day, i.e. getting out of your bed, give yourself the most deserving treat. A glass of luke warm water with one teaspoon honey and lemon is best served in your empty stomach.  Umm…Worried about having the same thing every day? You have options too… Go for green tea or some herbal juices whichever tickles                                                                                              your taste buds more…

   “Love yourself”

·        Greet Yourself


Being social animals we make sure to greet everyone we cross path with, then how can we miss greeting the most important person – that’s “ yourself ”… Greet yourself with the power of meditation, yoga, jogging, walking or your regular regime of workout that works for your body and mind.

     “Work out till your fats wear out”

·        Have a hefty Breakfast

“Have breakfast like a kinghealthy-breakfast

              Lunch like a meager

             And dinner like a beggar.”

 Do I need to say more? Never skip your breakfast for any reason. Have a very filling breakfast with varieties of fruits, cereals, oats, or anything healthy. Go very                                                                              low on sugar and dairy products if you are trying to                                                                              shed some kilos off that waist.

  • Show time

creative-mindWith the perfect start of your day and an enthusiastic mind it’s time for work. Whatever you do, big or small, effortless or tenacious give your 100%. Go step by step and the things will be done.

                                      “Deserve to Desire”


  • What’s next??

relaxing-with-pets1After a filling day at work, look forward to something that drives you excited. It might be relaxing with your family or pets or pursuing some long-awaited passion.

                                 “Keep learning, keep loving and keep living” 



  • Get a good night sleep

sound-sleepA good sleep is very important for your physical and mental well being. With gratitude in your mind and hopes in your dreams, it’s time to close your eyes.

                  While you sleep soundly,

                   let your deeds and thoughts

                   pave the path of success for you calmly.

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