The mind is asking..

Today with all the information available at finger tips, are we really wasting our time mugging up the dates and names from history? Don’t you think when everything around us is changing so fast, we should take a moment to think how useful will be the things that our kids are learning today? The amount of money and hard work we are spending, is that all worth it?

Pressuring onto their little brains, we are asking them to absorb everything just to get good marks and stand out in class without even wondering the use and actual implementation of the knowledge instilled. There are so many things, I invested my time learning in school and college, but I never got any benefits out of it.

The way schools are working today are leaving no time and scope for the kids to wonder. Had Newton been so busy worrying about his assignments, I am sure he would not have noticed the apple that day… The age when the brain can imagine so much more, we are restricting it by ladening with preconceived conceptions.

Are these schools not missing out something important? To teach how to live, and never give up on life. No matter how bad the days turn out to be there will always be a bright day after the darkness is gone? There are so many suicide cases due to examination. Is that really worth at the cost of a child’s life?

Today the education system is just another trading center with very high profits. The institutions  are trying too hard to get the highest position in the market. But are they really farsighted about the lives of the pupils they nurture? I doubt only a few might care.

The look in the teacher’s eyes for a less accomplished student somewhere kills the confidence of that poor soul, and he starts considering himself inferior in everything, which is so far from reality.

Today those who stood out of the crowd, who are insanely successful, did not even complete their graduation. I go back ages to see what knowledge was given to great kings and warriors. They weren’t taught to mug up and run a rat race. Rather they learned the basic essence of living and excelled in different fields that they were best in. The importance of discipline, concentration and moral conduct were given preference.

I am not against education , we should study to become learned and not to stand first in the class.

Some of you might agree to my point of view while some might carry a complete different perspective. Whatever it is,  I would like to hear that.

Leave me a comment with your take on the current education system…

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