A few tips to Quick learning

Ever wondered how come some students don’t spare all their time studying but still get away with good grades. Yea thinking that burns. If your studies are driving you nuts and eating up all your sweet play time, then here are a few tips for you. These are simple tips, easy to adapt, that can help you save a dickens of time. So here we go :

  1. Use your Study Table 

Maintaining your posture in the study table is very important.  We tend to study in a more comfortable position or place like your cozy bed, sofa etc. But that’s not the right way. Proper posture is very important , as it is not only good for your body but also increases your concentration level.  So you can complete your tasks a lot more faster.

2. Keep your study area clear.

You might be wondering why I said clear and not clean. By clear I meant there shouldn’t be any minute object within the perception of your vision. Stick your table to one of the walls, and face the wall while studying. Keep all your belongings except your study materials away from you. That way you can avoid looking at things and blowing time by  wondering what’s lying there?  I din’t wash it for a long time, or remembering stories related to your things.

P.S Don’t stick fancy wallpapers or pictures on the wall in front of your table..

      3. Meditate

It might sound old school to some, but  trust me it work wonders. There is no strict rule regarding the time to meditate, you can do it for 5 to 10 mins before starting your studies every time.If you feel shy to do it you can use the bolt the carpenter fixed on your door. And whats the harm in trying this in a closed room while no one is watching you.  While meditating keep saying in your mind that you will understand every word  and will be able to remember everything at once.

     4. Keep your mind fresh

This is very important , like you cant go on  pouring more in a completely filled glass, your brain wont take more if its already laden with various thoughts.  A peaceful cup of tea/coffee , a mile of walk, or your favorite music (the one without lyrics)  or meditation can help you empty  or relax your brain. Don’t  watch movies or videos before studying, the picture sticks to the mind for a long time or engross yourself in spicy gossips, they will deviate your mind while studying.

5. Trust your Brain

Human brain is far more better than a computer. And you are well aware of what the computer can do. So, trust your brain that it can understand the concepts and retain the information for a long time cause it really does. The brain is never poor your confidence on your brain is.

      6. Pen down the important points .

Writing practice is very important. If you have a habit of making notes then well and good and if not just note down the important things in your rough book. Practice your math by solving the sums not by seeing through the solutions.

7. Creating and relating the story

Try to relate the topics and create the story in your head then the picture becomes clear and it becomes easier to remember. e.g. history has stories, English has stories, physics and chemistry has stories. etc.

I tried all of these and they helped me a lot to achieve good grades in my studies while spending less time with my books and I hope the same goes for you. Enjoy learning and take care.

I would love to hear from you if you like it, or have anything to add to it feel free to comment.





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