Life of Seafarers Wife

Marrying a seafarer is definitely not an easy choice, but making easy choices is not my forte..
Its been 2 years since I married this handsome sailor. Tbh 2 years is just for the record and actually we lived together just for 8 months out of these 24 months.. And  a lot of time I faced these questions
“How do I manage to stay alone? How our relation works? Long Distance relations are great risk..”
So I decided to pour down my feelings about how my relation works..
How would our lives be if we stayed together all the time
” The freshness is gone the interest is lost
   We portray love just for facebook post.
  The madness decreases, the excitement reduces
  Laden with chore our love ceases
  The sparkle fades and then
   We see the darker shades
  Eating together,sleeping together
  Still isn’t there a silent war???
  This is the person I still adore
  But somewhere deep I feel
  “We don’t talk anymore???”
And here to describe our current situation in the relation I penned down a few words:
We stay miles apart
And you ask if it doesn’t hurt
The agony of missing
The excitement of meeting
Feeling ambivalent
But that’s how it was meant..
The freshness, the madness
The smiles on our face
The gifts the surprises
And our love never ceases
We understand the worth
Only when we are away
And then we look forth
For every passing day..
I cannot see your face
I cannot hear your voice
Then the phone rings
And our hearts make this noise
We tease each other
About having an another,
Enchants of our past
Mysteries of the future
We never fail to pour our emotion
And that’s when we feel we had “The Conversation”

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